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December 12, 2019

As we wind down through the winter planting season we like to take time to reflect on all that has been accomplished this year and remember all the people that came through to see the garden, work, cook, and help host an event. 

There were 40 Garden workdays this year mainly running through fall and spring.  We hope to catch the summer season with some heartier heat loving plants as we push the limits of low, or no irrigation areas.

We had a handfull of group garden tours, including Martinez St. Womens Center, Colleges and Universities and other schools.

We hosted 12 workshops throughout the fall and spring seasons, including garden bed construction, cooking demos, medicinal herbs, gardening basics, ROC gardening techniques, backyard chickens, mycology, seed bombs, soil building, planting, community discussions and planning, and so much more!

We expanded our annual planting area by 800 sqft which included traditional irrigation lines and rows.  We started the rows by buring raw kitche...

September 4, 2019

This summer we wanted to try something new, since the summers typically arent the favorite times be working out in the garden.  We wanted to create programing within the void of the summer that would allow folks to commit to a two month long, once a week, 3 hr workshop or workday.  This would allow us to build upon each weeks previous lesson to really help strengthen confidence in the garden space.  We spent the first month looking at the basic understanding and flows in the garden including sun, water, and human flows, and also diving into soil building and regenerative gardening practices.  The second month focused on workshops hosted by Dr. Vanessa Quezada of the SanArte Clinic, who really connected the group to listening and identifing information on the plants based off  of observation and feeling how it worked in relationship to each person, as well as proper preparation, and dosages and holistic managment. Brittney Benton also shared her knowledge of medicinals that helped our i...

November 1, 2018

Last year we teamed up with the SATX Permaculture group to plan a Perma-blitz.  A Perma-blitz is a way to work at a designated site to improve the area with permaculture design and inviting folks to participate in the building process to get hands on learning of how to implement these designs.  We spent close to 6 months working on a overall layout of the full garden space and then focused on several small projects we could do that day.  The group chose to work on a patio for the outdoor kitchen area, a berm and swale on the backside of the landscape and a pond.  I'll be the first to admit I didn't know much about ponds let alone how to design and execute one here.  Several members of the group had previous pond experience and helped guide this project through.   It only took about 15-20 people, two days to hand dig the two foot deep pond.  So with some guidance of online resources, those with experience, and help from friends, I feel like this project can be achievable for many folks...

August 30, 2018

Over here on the Eastside, just like the South and Westside, we are experiencing a influx in predatory house market dealing.  One of the by-products of this is a extensive amount of these "We Buy Houses" Signs illegally posted to poles and at intersections around in the neighborhood.  Its perfectly legal for residents to remove these ugly signs but then we end up with a pile of these signs lying around.  Our first project was lead by Marisol Cortez, Greg Harmon and Raul Gomez and I where we made a political statement by building a walk-in 8 ft tall house made out of house flipper signs.  But as in Permaculture, we must think, what do we we have a influx of materials in our environment?  how best can we use these materials?  The idea of a solar shield came from the fact that even though plants require full sun, 12 or 10 hours of sun can be too much for our Texas solar heat.  Using these signs as a shield to protect vulnerable plants from extended sun times can really increase the potent...

May 11, 2018

Im not going to lie, i'm a strong advocate of sheet mulching, also known as the lasagna method.  Throughout the years working here at Roots of Change Garden i've sheet mulched every area at least twice over.  Its a great method to build up soil in a possibly contaminated urban environment as well as using organic resources readily available for free instead of spending the whole budget on buying soil.   We also have a lot of thick clay topsoil in our area which is not bad, but not great for plants due to its poor ability to retain water and to allow roots to move freely through it.  Even slightly increasing the organic matter of soil can dramatically increase the water holding capacity of that area, which is a major necessity in our region.  Sheet mulching is basically horizontal composting over large area.  A simple google search will reveal many different debates over the perfect things to add into which layer but the general concepts is to layer various thicknesses of Carbon based m...

February 8, 2017

Twice a year when you cut down and remove old branches and shrubbery from your place and put it out on the curb to be be picked up by the city, have you ever wondered where it ends up at?  The city of San Antonio, takes the brush from everyone's curbside and takes it to two locations in San Antonio.  These two locations also are the main drop off point for truckload or trailer loads of brush throughout the year from tree trimming services to landscaping services.  The good news is, they don't just mix this with the city dump or bury it alongside other waste.  They processes all of the woody material through large scale wood chippers to make huge piles (and I do mean huge) of mulch that is accessible to anyone willing and able to go and get it.  The only draw back to some of this mulch is sometimes contains trash (from people turning in trashy brush), and its also known to carry a lot of seeds (most common seeds found are nut sedge grass, or small palms).  The fine mulch or double cut m...

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